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Good stories open minds. Real stories inspire change.

A feature documentary - the art form that amplifies real stories - has the power to open eyes, minds, and hearts… and change the world.

The Knix Fund + Catalyst Docs for Change Project

The Knix Fund-Catalyst Docs for Change Project aims to do just that by partnering with women documentary filmmakers to finance, develop, produce, distribute, and celebrate feature documentaries that embodies everything the Knix and Catalyst brands stand for.

What are the objectives of Docs For Change?

To create more opportunities for women. To amplify women’s voices.  To inspire change.


We know that targeted collaboration with women and women-identifying filmmakers is an important step towards levelling the playing field in an industry where women are half the workforce yet occupy less than 27% of leadership and key creative roles. Add to that, women are at least 50% of the audience, but roughly only 25% of what we see on our screens is created by women. The numbers are much less favourable for underrepresented and marginalized communities.


To achieve a more inclusive, equitable world, we need more stories led by women creators and we need to empower diverse voices and perspectives. Knix and Catalyst agree that sometimes the only way to catalyze meaningful change is to challenge legacy business models and invest in new paradigms. This partnership does just that. It's a commitment to increasing opportunities for underrepresented voices. We will ensure important stories get told by fully financing them.

Is Docs for Change a fund?

The Docs for Change Project is not a typical content fund, it’s a collaborative investment. Catalyst acts as a studio closely guiding projects through the development and production process, and beyond. Once a project is selected the Catalyst team will work with you every step of the way, supporting your vision.  


In the first year, we will select up to three projects to actively develop.  One of the developed concepts will be chosen for production and distribution.

What are we looking for?

Pitches for feature-length documentaries from women and women-identifying filmmakers that will engage, inspire, create new awareness, motivate action, lead to meaningful change.

What themes or subject matter do we want?

Unapologetic, eye-opening, broadly relevant themes and stories that matter to women.

What are the eligibility requirements?

Filmmakers with a proven track record. At minimum, applicants must have created and directed 2 projects (scripted or unscripted) that have been featured at film festivals and/or commercially released on linear or streaming platforms.

How will projects be assessed and chosen for development?

Projects will be assessed by the Docs for Change team using the following criteria:  


  • Subject matter, POV and treatment

  • Producer track record

  • International audience appeal

  • Film festival potential

What do you need to submit?
  • A 1-5 page pitch including a short synopsis, concept overview

  • 1 page research/development proposal, including key character bios (if applicable), access summary (if applicable)

  • Short sizzle or character videos, if available

  • Filmmaker(s) bio and CV

  • Pitch history, if any

  • Completed and signed submission form (see button below)


Send all documents and materials with a cover email to:


For projects under consideration, we may ask for additional information and/or request a pitch meeting.

What’s the deadline?

DEADLINE EXTENDED. We are now accepting submissions until October 16, 2023.

  How will it be financed?

Knix Fund and Catalyst will finance the entire development and production budgets.  


Filmmakers will participate in the monetization of the finished projects.  The level of participation will be negotiated in good faith and project specific.

What will development involve?

We expect some ideas will be fairly developed when submitted while others may still be early ideas. Therefore, development will depend on the needs of each project.


As a studio, Catalyst will collaborate  closely with each filmmaker to develop the project for its highest potential.

When will you know if your project was selected for development?

Successful applicant filmmakers will be notified in December 2023.


Knix is a direct-to-consumer intimates and apparel brand. Through innovative products and a community-first approach, Knix is on a mission to empower people everywhere to live unapologetically free. Every product, campaign, and image that Knix puts into the world is tied to this mission that has been embedded in the company’s DNA since day one. Founded in 2013, by Joanna Griffiths, Knix is one of the fastest growing DTC brands in North America and is globally recognized as an innovator and disrupter within the apparel space.



Catalyst is a mission-driven, for-profit business dedicated to the creation of content for the global market by powering women creators and investing in their ideas.  Founded by Julie Bristow in 2020, Catalyst’s goal is to partner with creators to take ideas from conception to market. We prioritize speed to market by providing strategic, business, and creative power to get the best ideas made. 

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